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Sometimes We Make Stuff

Use the DEI Checker, a GTP built in OpenAI, to ensure that your emails, blog posts, social media copy and the like are written in an inclusive and accessible way.

DEI Checker

I built a simple GPT called DEI Checker (DEI is short for diversity, equity and inclusion). Put in your copy (social media, email, blog post…) and it will review it for you and let you know if you could be using more inclusive language. It will also check your Theory of Change and offer suggestions to help ensure you are making your ask in a way that will resonate.

I didn’t code it, it runs completely through ChatGPT. It’s free to use, but you do have to have an OpenAI account to access.

Hope it’s helpful! —

Scaramucci - Mooch Calculator

This right here is the Scaramucci Calculator.

Want to know how many Scaramuccis an amount of time is? Head to the calculator and find out.

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