He wrote Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

In numerous footnotes throughout the book, he directed his readers to JJJRH.com.

It’s a very smart strategy for an author to keep the conversation going.

No surprise, this is Gary Vaynerchuk after all!


Then he did something silly.

He let the URL lapse.

And I bought it.

So here we are


I’m Josh Klemons, a Digital Storyteller/Strategist and the founder of Reverbal Communications.

My team and I help brands of all shapes and sizes find, hone and tell their stories online. We’ve worked with downballot and statewide political campaigns, tiny nonprofits, solopreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between navigate their digital marketing program and grow their online audience.

I’m a consultant, a trainer, a public speaker and more, helping brands step up their social media and digital marketing programs so they can win the internet!

I’ve actually been described as Gary V, “minus the profanity.”

Someone wrote a review after seeing me speak. It read: "Minus the profanity, Josh reminds me of Gary V! Five out of five!!

So let’s try this again: who am I?

Think of me as a Gary Vee… who you can actually afford to work with.

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level?