Social media for event services, Madison, WI

I can help you do both

Social Media Ads for Events

An event without people is no event at all.
​Let’s make the most of your advertising budget and make sure we’re talking to the right people in the right way.
I’ve helped event organizers with all budgets big and small get their message in front of the right audience.
I can help you develop and implement a strategy to test different creative, audiences, ad placement and more to ensure you are getting the most out of your budget.


You can’t just create a Facebook Event and expect it to get people in the door.

I can help you develop a strategy to build your audience and then engage them on an ongoing basis to ensure they don’t just know your event is coming, but that they are as excited about it as you are!


The work doesn’t stop when the event begins… it’s just getting started!

There are numerous components that go into bringing an event to life on social media.

​​I can work with you to:
✅ Connect with and engage your audience through your social channels in real time
✅ Monitor the conversation taking place about your event online
✅ Answer questions, like and share relevant content, and continuously engage your online audience
✅ Livetweet your speakers or presenters
✅ Take and share pictures and videos in real time to show the full depth of what is happening at your event
​✅ And so much more​

LOVE using social media to bring conferences and events to life in real time.

Together, we can develop a strategy customized for your needs. I can then work with you on implementation.

I’ve worked directly with conferences and event planners, serving as their eyes, ears and voice throughout the event. I’ve attended conferences and events with politicians, elected officials and organizations and helped them tell their story in real time.

As the Digital Director on political campaigns, I regularly livetweeted debates, press conferences and dozens of events on behalf of the candidate or campaign.

​I can help bring your conference or event to life on social media via:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook, Facebook Live and/or Facebook Stories
  • Instagram and/or Instagram Stories
  • Through the platforms of your choice

Here are just a few of the conferences and events I’ve helped to promote and/or bring to life on social media:

Madison Gas and Electric, Madison, WI

​Ready to bring the people to your event and/or to bring your event to life online?