Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy

Clay Pell, Former Democratic Rhode Island Candidate for Governor

Josh served as Digital Director on my campaign for Governor of Rhode Island. Josh was an MVP throughout the campaign — extremely responsive, adaptable, visionary, and helpful. In a high-stress environment, he worked well with everyone and always met tight timelines. He was also extremely professional in working with the public, and he is an asset to any organization or movement seeking a highly competent, reliable, and driven digital leader.

Candy Phelps, Owner, Bizzy Bizzy

Josh is a dynamo when you need big ideas, responsive and thorough communication, clever writing and someone to look after all the details. He is a social media native who understands not only how to use the platforms, but the underlying purpose of each channel and big picture story telling. Despite his expertise, he is also great at explaining social media to non-tech folks. Josh is one of the most responsive and reliable people I have ever worked with. When he says he is going to do something, it just gets done. It’s awesome having someone like that on your team!

Renee Moe, President & CEO, United Way of Dane County

Josh Klemons is a social media maven who wants to help others improve. I have benefited from Josh’s expertise firsthand, and as a result feel more confident using social media to empower more good in the community. Josh is an effective and patient teacher, responsive, thoughtful and practical.

Tom Nelson, candidate for US Senate from Wisconsin

Few communications professionals have the talent and wherewithal to take complex messaging challenges and address them with smart, innovative and highly effective solutions. Our campaign would not have gotten as far as it did without Josh and his brilliant ideas. I’d hire him again in a second. I’d encourage you to do likewise.

Matt Nelson, SEO and web design, Madison, WI

Having collaborated with Josh on several projects, I can say he’s one of the most enthusiastic and well informed marketers I’ve met. Not only does he have a very strong grasp of the technology, he’s a master with words and is great at finding the perfect way to describe something, whether it’s a company name, a new product, or some great new copy for a marketing campaign.

If you need somebody to help tell your story or to run your social media marketing, Josh is on the top of my list of recommendations.

Allyn Summa, Executive Director, Eurasia Group Foundation

I have had the pleasure of working with Josh for over two years and he’s become my go-to person for social media and email marketing issues. He has handled everything for us from drafting, refining, and building emails–for a variety of staff members-to designing, implementing and tracking our social media campaigns (both paid and unpaid). He has kept us up to date on trends, assured we were spending our limited resources in the most strategic ways possible, and pushed us to think creatively about how to engage with our stakeholders. He’s smart, honest, and a lot of fun to work with. I can’t recommend him enough.

Samba Baldeh, Wisconsin Assembly Candidate Digital Political Consultant

Reverbal Communications came to the rescue when COVID-19 hit and made our campaign plan (developed in Jan. 2020) irrelevant. How would I reach 10,000 voters if I and my team could not go door-to-door? How would they know me and not simply get stuck by my African name?

​Josh Klemons and the Reverbal team put together a plan that I could afford and that was able to be tested each week for its effectiveness and value. This included a revamp of our campaign website.

Though initially skeptical of his encouragement of our investment in such a sweeping digital program, our weekly data reports indicated that we were getting many multiples of the contacts received by my three primary opponents combined. Also, each of our fundraising appeals more than paid for the cost of our ad program. And our website attracted many compliments.

The end of the story is that we won and that Reverbal Communications’ hard work and skill was integral to that achievement.

Josh and the team at Reverbal were integral to my electoral success. Josh is a fountain of ideas, with the energy and skills to make them real. They helped me present myself to voters in polished and professional ways I could not have even dreamed of.

Wisconsin State Representative Tod Ohnstad

Josh was a great asset in my recent race for the State Assembly in Wisconsin. He not only helped win my race but helped push Joe Biden over the top in Wisconsin.

Kristie Goforth

I hired Reverbal Communications to develop my digital strategy for a political campaign. It resulted in excellent reach and fundraising beyond what I could have imagined. Josh is a digital sensei and he’s also fun to work with. He has endless ideas too. I’m so glad I hired Reverbal Communications!

“Josh is a true expert at the intersection of politics and social media. Over the past three years, I have had the privilege of working with him in various capacities. His authentic and creative approach to social media is truly game-changing in today’s divisive political world. Josh understands the importance of community-driven narratives and consistently inspires those around him. He is an exceptional mentor and leader, and I am honored to recommend him. With Josh, you’ll have someone who can navigate the complexities of social media and make a real impact in the political landscape.”

Maurice "Mo" Cheeks, Madison Alder and Business Leader

Reverbal Communications has been awesome to work with. Josh has a great intuition for compelling storytelling, and is constantly valuable for big picture planning for community engagement. I’ve been impressed with the success of paid communications. I strongly recommend hiring them, and certainly look forward to continuing to work with them.

Bruce Palmer, Executive Director, Wyoming Investor Network

I just completed an independent expenditure project with Josh and he was great! This social media effort had an extremely short timeline, launching just a week before an election. Josh got us set up, did compelling creative and got the ads in front of our targeted audiences. I had a lot of balls in the air and Josh was great about pressing forward without a lot of instruction from me. He knew what needed to be done, pressed forward and kept me in the loop. I will definitely use Josh’s services again if we have a similar project.

6am Marketing

Josh is most definitely one of the most energetic peers I have had the pleasure to work with. He is always pushing the envelope to get results on social media. Without Josh, 6AM would not have experienced the success on the Marshfield Clinic Doc Marsh launch. He is thoughtful, experienced and works at the speed of light. If you need big ideas and a guy to roll up his sleeves and execute, Josh is your man. On behalf of 6AM, Thanks, Josh.

Bob Hemauer, Director, Makeshift Festival

Reverbal Communications is an integral component of Makeshift Festival’s success. He designed and implemented a social media strategy that helped us get remarkable recognition and engagement that was the key to the impact that we were able to have in our first year. Josh is a clear communicator who intuitively understood our message and was a pleasure to work with; I’d recommend him to anyone.

Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, Reverbal Communications will help you tell your story effectively and efficiently.

Brianna Yanke, Director of Development, UnityPoint Health – Meriter Foundation

Josh is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a gifted storyteller. In a brief amount of time, he gave me a better appreciation for social media’s powerful role in telling a story. Josh explains everything from complex little details to the overall big picture – in a way that’s easy to understand. He clearly is a digital strategy expert!

Sarina Gersher, City Councillor

Josh’s social media expertise helped tremendously throughout my campaign seeking election to municipal government. This successful campaign was my first introduction to elections and organizing a campaign, and at a local municipal level, much of the organizing falls on the shoulders of the candidate. As such, having the ability to access folks like Josh, who are able to provide clear guidance, support and troubleshooting was invaluable.

Although working for municipal campaigns in a Canadian context was new for Josh, he went above and beyond to back my campaign. Josh has expertise working on political campaigns for women, which was a great asset. He helped me build advertising campaigns that were concise and targeted. His guidance around messaging has continued to help me throughout my social media channels as a City Councillor. All of the consultation I received was through Skype, which worked very well. Josh was able to walk me through any questions I had as we could display our screens. In addition, Josh was efficient in his coaching and was able to provide a lot of information in a short period of time. I felt that my time was valued and the information I received was thoughtful and never rushed. I highly recommend Josh [and his team] to help elevate your campaign. Josh worked specifically with me on Facebook, Twitter and NationBuilder. Regardless of the platform being used, I am confident that Josh would be a great fit to back your campaign team.

Daniel Toomey, Owner, Beta E-Learning

Josh Klemons provided me with insight that tied all aspects of my consulting business together. He listened intently, asked questions, and made some great suggestions that I was able to implement right away. He understood the path I needed to take based on our brief conversation. Josh has a tremendous ability to synthesize information and give attainable, reliable, and timely advice. I look forward to continuing to work with Josh!

Philip Crawford, Manifestly and Political Strategist

Received a few hours of Facebook consulting from [Josh Klemons] today. Best money I’ve spent in a long, long time.

“Your guidance and expertise re: my social media strategy and content was a key factor in my victory. I highly recommend Reverbal Communications!”

I had a half an hour consultation with Josh about event promotion strategies. I learned so much about Facebook in that short time. His tips were very insightful and helpful and I will definitely use them again in the future.

Josh has done a fabulous job promoting hundreds of events for us, and exponentially expanding the reach of our Badger Talks program. He is also a great sounding board for Facebook issues that come up, and is flexible as events change, processes change and special needs come up.  I’d highly recommend him if you are looking to expand your social media reach!”
Allyn Summa, Executive Director, Eurasia Group Foundation

“You are magic. Thank you!”

Karen Bednar, Fund Development Director, Common Wealth Development

“Josh has the inside scoop and customized it to meet me where I am at. 👍

I am so grateful for our consultation! He worked with me towards optimizing my non-profit’s social media platforms to connect with our participants and community more effectively. He helped me hone in on broad improvements and nuanced technicalities.

“I worked with Josh on all things digital during the 2020 cycle. He’s super knowledgeable, does great work, and is very fair on pricing.

Angie Buelow, Author, Goodnight Madison

“Josh is amazing to work with and full of inspiring insights that are practical. After our initial meeting I was able to immediately implement some of things we discussed! Thanks Josh!”

Josh Pultorak, Musician and Booking Manager

“Josh know his stuff! He connects the big picture with technical nuances in a way that is understandable, helpful, and illuminating. Highly recommended for folks looking to optimize their online social presence and reach. Thanks!”

MJ Reiners, Summerland Education

“Josh, while this is all new to me – your knowledge and experience in this space is both amazing and practical. Many thanks!”

Josh was extremely knowledgeable and awesome to work with. There are so many different components to advertising on social media that you don’t think of on a day to day basis, if ever, & he helped to uncover some tips & tricks to improve on the optimization of our Facebook ads!”

Ido Singer, host of One Last Thought Podcast

“Josh is a great authority in the social media space, with lots of great experience, but even more important to me, he has a great feel to what people uniquely need and how to help them. Extremely recommended!”

Montana Leggett, Montana Digital Media

“A huge thank you to Josh Klemons who significantly helped me from idea to final product. He is an incredible digital media creator and knows just about everything to succeed online.

“Big ups to Josh Klemons who helped me demystify somewhere between 8 and 403 issues I was having with my Instagram account and 3 different FB biz ad accounts.

If you’re looking for help with tech troubleshooting (like I was…)…. OR someone to help with creative strategy, ads strategy OR just a consultant to bounce ideas off of if you’re decent enough @ advertising but want a second pair of eyes to find your weak points, I CANNOT recommend enough hitting Josh up and booking a call with him.

​Josh’s help saved me LITERALLY 20+ hours of advertising heartache!”

“Josh must have a third-eye. He saw things even my Doctoral Adviser did not see, despite the material being wholly unfamiliar to him. If you need revisions, and you do, share your drafts with Josh.  He has that knack. Reverbal Communications is my new editorial go-to.”

“Josh showed extreme attention to detail throughout the editing process. He noticed inconsistencies that I had overlooked, even after my fifth draft. He also proved excellent at tightening my manuscript, removing every word that didn’t add to the story.

When Josh told me to rewrite certain sections, I was frustrated at first. He was patient, yet persistent. And he was right. He breathed new life into my flat writing. The result was a better book than I could have written on my own.”


Someone wrote a review after seeing me speak. It read: "Minus the profanity, Josh reminds me of Gary V! Five out of five!!
Greg Mischio, Director of Craft Marketing, a Division of the Madison Chapter of the American Marketing Association

“We book speakers on a monthly basis for our Craft Marketing events, and Josh was one of our best speakers to date. He blends tactics with strategies seamlessly, and he’s got a great sense of humor to ensure everyone is engaged and having a great time. Highly recommended.”

“Am so appreciative of you joining us yesterday at Madworks. Your session was perfect — jam packed with immediately usable digital marketing tips for early-stage entrepreneurs and delivered with your usual high-energy style and awesome deck…

Josh packs more actionable takeaways per minute than any other speaker around.”

James Roloff, Sales Director, Powderkeg Web Design

Josh is an expert speaker on how to tell your brand’s story online. He was engaging with our audience, and did a great job in giving tangible, actionable advice. He has knowledge on blogging and social media that can only come after years of experience.”

Dr. Jo Ann Oravec, UW–Whitewater Information Technology and Business Education Professor

Josh Klemons is a dynamic speaker who can transform an ordinary seminar, classroom, or large-scale presentation venue. His constantly-updated insights about social media are useful for small businesses as well as large corporations. Anyone who wants to get a sense of where social media is going in the future should tap into his expertise.”

Terra L. Fletcher, Author of "Flex Your Communication" and "Flex the Freelance.

“Hey Josh! I listened to your DreamBank program. Very enjoyable! Seriously. I listen to a lot of folks who do similar work and can’t make it all the way through. Yours was engaging and had enough real content. Thank you!”

More Feedback from Presentation Participants:

  • “Josh is just ‘Wow!’ He knows his stuff.”
  • “[His presentation] was high energy, interactive, and engaging. The presenter was knowledgeable, experienced, and had a sense of humor. I’d change nothing.”
  • “Josh’s Dream Bank presentation on social media was a non-stop torrent of social media wisdom and tips that we started to use immediately to improve how we communicate on these important platforms. Dude knows his stuff and is an incredible (local) resource!”
  • “Josh’s presentation had great takeaways and broke down a difficult topic of curating and creating great social media content into digestible pieces of information.”
  • “This is the second time I’ve seen Josh present at the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference and I’ve learned so much both times.”
  • “The amount of free content that the speaker presented was AMAZING!!!”
  • “Your speed course in free digital media tools at the Nonprofit Day conference was fantastic. I felt like I was watching a webinar on high speed and LOVED it… I would call Josh a brainchild of all things social media and industry best practices. He has an encyclopedia style of communication that I think you will very much enjoy.”
  • “I attended your seminar at the Madison Nonprofit Day and found that many of the things turned out to be way more applicable now that I have a new role with a nonprofit organization… It’s awesome how many times I think back to your presentation and use that to help inform my actions/decisions!
  • “I don’t impress easy. But that was amazing.”
  • “So impressed! You have covered almost all social media.
  • “I just came from your webinar and was truly blown away by your expertise and knowledge.”
  • “Josh, thank you so much for your very informative and engaging session. And so much insight and responses to questions. Good cheer to you.”
  • Josh is an energetic speaker who keeps you engaged the whole time. Lots of nuggets that can help you immediately up your social media game!”
  • “I want to use social media more effectively to spread the word about making intentional use of our relational energy. I saw Josh do that last night at DreamBank where his playful and generous spirit came through most passionately.”
  • I am absolutely blown away by the quality of content in the seminar I just attended at Dreambank. Josh is a font of social media knowledge.
  • “I attended Josh’s session at the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference, and I was impressed with the amount of things I learned in such a short time! He definitely knows what he is talking about, and brought up tips and ideas I would have never thought of to make our nonprofit thrive on social media.”
  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you! I thought your presentation at the NAMI conference was excellent — great energy, really useful information. I moved you to “see first” so I look forward to being in closer contact.”
  • “Thank YOU for the stellar workshop on using social media!  It was chock full of information and I learned a lot!”
  • “Engaging, informative, and fun!”​
  • “Your enthusiasm and knowledge of social media are infectious.”
  • “Can you do a presentation on your presentation?! This slideshow is *chef’s kiss*”​
  • “This was my favorite presentation of the day, it was chock full of info and the presenter was able to switch back and forth between novices and expert levels in a way that let everyone learn and take away something.”
  • “Fantastic, great information for beginners and advanced marketers alike. A lot of great tips and ideas to implement.”
  • “I learned so much, about blogs, Facebook Live, scheduling posts, more. It was fantastic. Make it longer.”
  • “Josh’s presentation at DreamBank was excellent! I am making some serious changes to how I use social media from here on out, and I’m very excited about it!”
  • “Josh seriously knows this stuff. There are at least a dozen things I will be doing differently after attending his seminar.
  • Great content and the delivery was 💰! Appreciate your expertise!”
  • “The content was extremely well organized and clear even though Josh is a speed talker. 🙂 The dozens of concrete examples of what to write about were most valuable, but all the content was helpful and important.”
  • “He has the wealth of knowledge.”
  • “You rock, Josh! Love how practical and easy-to-execute your tips are 🤩” – Natalie Healy, Dreambank Manager
  • “I attended all four presentations, which were outstanding! Thanks for increasing my social media knowledge base exponentially!”
  • “​Josh is a power speaker.”
  • “Great! Good quick tips and tons of relevant info.”
  • “This workshop was the highlight of the day for me!”
  • “Very helpful! Loved! Needed more time!
  • “Efficient and approachable. Incredibly informative.
  • “Provided the most relevant, actionable content with real, practiced steps.”
  • “Josh was the best presenter of the day! More of this – please!”
  • “Very approachable”
  • So much info! Lots of info the furthered my basic understanding.”
  • Awesome takeaways – helpful tools!”
  • “Very knowledgeable, excellent resource – A LOT of info in 90 minutes.”
  • “So so so helpful!”
  • “The amount of free content that the speaker presented was AMAZING!!!”
  • “This is one of the most helpful sessions so far, and the bar is high. Thank you!
  • “Fantastic presentation at yesterday’s Destination Madison event! Genuinely one of the best I’ve sat through in a very long time.”

“Josh is an engaging and dynamic speaker / trainer. He presented a workshop for our annual nonprofit / social good conference— the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference. His workshop, “Using Social Media to Build a Movement” was very well received. The audience loved him. He received top scores in both presentation style and workshop structure.

Josh had to overcome a number of barriers, including people with vastly different understandings of what social media is to being scheduled for a 5pm workshop, when the day started at 7:30am in the morning for a number of the attendees. Many identified his rapid pace style and sense of humor invigorating. They found him highly knowledgeable, well-versed in his examples, and easy to relate to.

I’d highly recommend Josh for both his presentation work and his social media skills. We hope to invite him back again for the conference.”

Josh is an amazing speaker. He has presented multiple times for the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference and is one of the Top Five rated presenters. People come out of his workshop jazzed, even when he ends up at a 5pm slot for an event that started at 8am.

He’s knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic, and energetic. He gets people’s mind sparking. His workshops intermix presentation, user interaction, and worksheets. His workshops have a fast pace which people find refreshing, even if they are a tad annoyed that they couldn’t copy everything down.

…We, also, highly recommend Josh on almost any social media / community organizing topic. He’s a pleasure to work with on both the administrative and presentation side. The audience loves him, and he refreshes his content frequently.

Carlie Wilkie, Sprout Studio, LLC

“I was just reviewing my notes from yesterday’s talk by Josh Klemons at Dreambank. I kid you not… I haven’t ferociously taken this many notes since college!  Have you seen Josh speak? He’s incredible… Be sure to keep up, he’s a fast talker, but he has to because he has so much knowledge to share!  Thanks so much for the incredible tips!”

Ash Collins, Dane County Humane Society

I LOVED Josh’s presentation on email at Madison Nonprofit Day! It was the most valuable workshop I attended today and his expertise will really help my organization!

Greg Stellflue, Level 5ive Consulting

“I got to see Josh Klemons [speak at DreamBank]. I can only describe the experience as being connected to the fire-hose of blog knowledge for 90 minutes. Josh went through an excellent presentation on all things blog. Why, How, When, How Often, Tone, Architecture, and many more topics that were both enlightening and entertaining.”

“Had a great time learning from Josh Klemons of  Reverbal Communications today at DreamBank. Awesome insight into the complex world of content marketing. He’s one of the best in the business!​

Tara Ingalls, Owner/Creative Director of Tingalls Graphic Design

“WELL DONE! at the Fitchburg Chamber this week! I think people’s heads were spinning with possibilities – in a good way!”

Josh leads an astonishingly power-packed workshop, How To Facebook Like Ninja.

This past December I attended the one he presented for Grow Madison. Such an impressive command of the material. You know that feeling you get when you’re in the capable hands of a great lecturer — that feeling of insight and acumen rubbing off on you, infusing your brain with exciting new competence.

Highly recommended.”

Eric Salzwedel, Marketing Director, Reach A Child

I thought I knew everything about Facebook; until I went to one of Josh’s workshops! Highly recommend taking time to go to his workshops and learn how to Facebook like a Ninja!”

“The New Glarus Chamber of Commerce found Josh’s classes super helpful – we already have a ton of new Instagram followers, just from the two posts we’ve done since his class.”

“Bingo! If Facebook isn’t paying Josh for this [Facebook training] they should start NOW!!!”

“Josh helped me see a larger scope of the business capabilities of Facebook as a newbie but he also catered to a more seasoned Facebooker. He is flexible, knowledgeable, and genuine.”

“Josh was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful in learning more about how to properly use all the valuable tools FB offers for businesses.”

Jen Rudis, Jenerate Wellness

“My staff and I attended your training today on how to become a “Facebook Ninja” and were absolutely blown away by the presentation and quality of content. To say we took away a ton is a vast understatement! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a training more engaging and insightful, PLUS my team is beaming with motivation and excitement to hit the ground running!

Massive THANK YOU, Josh, for your wisdom and expert advice on how to use social media to grow Jenerate Wellness. You’re top-notch!”

Hallie Gordon, Jenerate Wellness

“Who knew Facebook could do all these different things?? You knew!!

Thanks Josh for the great class. You really understand how to break everything down into usable pieces that are easy to follow and put into practice. Your way of thinking and understanding what makes great content will help us build our page to be great! I look forward to learning more social media skills from you in the future!!”

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