Step Up Your Social is a podcast about social media and digital marketing.

Step Up Your Social - Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcast based in Madison, WI
Step Up Your Social - Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcast based in Madison, WI
Step Up Your Social - Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcast based in Madison, WI
Step Up Your Social - Social Media and Digital Marketing Podcast based in Madison, WI

Step Up Your Social is a flash podcast series, providing quick, actionable tips to help you master your social media. All episodes are short (~10 minutes or less) and tackle a specific tool, tip, strategy, hack or deep dive to help you take your digital marketing to the next level.

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Wisconsin Social Media, Digital Marketing and Political consultant Josh Klemons, serving Madison, WI and beyond

Meet Your Host Josh Klemons

I’m Josh Klemons, a Digital Storyteller and Strategist and the founder of Reverbal Communications. I help brands of all shapes and sizes find, hone and tell their stories online.

I learned the craft of digital storytelling and organizing doing digital work on local, statewide and national political campaigns. I still spend part of my time working in politics, and the rest working with all kinds of brands, from small non-profits and solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between.

I write, train, consult and present regularly on social media and digital marketing. I’m also an avid fan of podcasts. I hope you learn from — and enjoy listening to — Step Up Your Social as much as I enjoy making it.

My motto is simple: You Have A Story… Let’s Tell It!

So get ready to Step Up Your Social.

Let’s take your digital marketing to the next level

Step Up Your Social Episode List

Ep. 23 – Social Media is Rented Land — Use Lead Gen Tools To Grow On Real Estate You Own

Ep. 22 – Don’t Let Bureaucrats Write Your Most Important Emails

Ep. 21 — Likes On Social Media Are Free

Ep. 20 — What Are Vanity URLs and Why Should You Be Using Them? 

Ep. 19 — What Your Brand Can Learn From WORDLE

Ep. 18 — Write Your Blog Post For Google. Or Facebook. Or Both. And Other Tips For Blogging.

Ep. 17 — How Chewy Uses Their Customers’ Darkest Moments To Build Unyielding Brand Loyalty

Ep. 16 — Reply All Just (Accidentally) Reminded Us About The Power of Facebook Search

Ep. 15 — Free Digital Tools You Should Be Using But Probably Aren’t

Ep. 14 — 7 Times The Airlines Blew It On Social Media (And What We Can Learn From Their Mistakes)

Ep. 13 — 3 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

Ep. 12 — Supporter Spotlights Are Win/Win/Win

Ep. 11 — 10 Tricks And Hacks To Step Up Your Instagram Stories

Ep. 10 — Facebook Wants You To Know What Your Competitors Are Doing… So Does Google

Ep. 9 — Why Warren Buffett Is A Better Writer Than You

Ep. 8 — Social Media Acronyms You Should Know

Ep. 7 — Beware Engagement Bait… You Could Be Limiting Your Reach on Facebook

Ep. 6 — Stop Inviting Everyone You Know To Like Your Facebook Page

Ep. 5 — Are You Displaying Your Handles Everywhere?

Ep. 4 — The Power of Microtargeting with Facebook Ads

Ep. 3 — A Deep Dive Into Stories

Ep. 2 — Twitter Lists

Ep. 1 — Crossposting vs Autoposting

Step Up Your Social being made, a podcast about social media created in Madison, WI

What people are saying about Step Up Your Social

  • “I’ve enjoyed [the podcast] and learned lots! PS I love how short it is!” — Araceli Esparza, social media consultant
  • “If looking for a new podcast, I’m majorly digging the Step Up Your Social podcast from @ReverbalC and Josh Klemons. It’s super interesting if you’re a social media manager or just looking for social tips.” — Maija Inveiss, Digital Content Editor for Madison Magazine
  • Episodes are concise, timely, and helpful! I will add this to my long list of beloved podcasts 😊”— Olive C, iTunes review
  • Great content and helpful advice for the novice social media user! “— Ebk251, iTunes review
  • “Sharing the love of Josh Klemons podcast Step Up Your Social! I love listening to his tips on my drive to work. Not a long time commitment and ideas that can be implemented straight away. Very insightful!” — Angie Buelow, Director of Sales and Marking for Ultrazone Laser Tag Madison
  • “I really enjoy learning through your podcast.  The topics, tips, and duration are right on point for what I need to manage our social media platforms.” — Michele Lopnow, Executive Sales & Marketing Manager for ESI Group US