Billions of People use facebook every single day

You’re likely one of them.
Overall, almost 3 billion people use facebook monthly. With nearly half the world logging on, the possibilities are endless!

Facebook Is More Than Just Likes and Comments
If you want success from the almighty Facebook algorithm, you have to understand your audiences and provide them the type of content they want to see.

How do you do that? Simple! Listen to them. Check your Insights – monitor your Pages To Watch – respond to comments and reviews.

There are so many tools hidden away within Facebook, it can be hard to keep up. This training will unlock all of Facebook’s secrets.

PictureHere’s a simple question for you:

Are you and your brand making the most of this fun and engaging platform?

Here are just a few things you can do with your Facebook page:

  • See what day of the week/time of the day your page is most engaged with
  • Set up filters so that certain words (including profanity) can’t be posted to your page
  • Block trolls (people who go online just to cause trouble) from commenting on your page
  • Find out where your audience lives, broken down by country, state, even city
  • Learn demographic information about your Facebook audience (age, gender, language)
  • Schedule posts to run at a later date (or even an earlier one)
  • Track what is going well on Facebook for your partners (and for your competitors!)
  • Create lookalike audiences (audiences of people similar to your current followers) and then market directly to them

If you are investing in paid ads, the possibilities become even more limitless. Did you know you can target ads to:

  • Your email list
  • People who visited one page on your website, but not another
  • People who watched a specific percentage of one of your videos
  • People in a certain location: ranging from a one-mile radius to a metro-area, or a state to an entire country
  • People based on their interests, online behavior, age, gender or language spoken
Josh Klemons, Social Media Consultant Madison WI
Your instructor for this course will be Digital Storyteller/Strategist Josh Klemons, ​the founder of Reverbal Communications

​We’ll cover topics like:

01    Getting Started​ Metrics | Filters  | Audience |  Scheduling | Ads | and more
02    Metrics Who | What | When | Where | Why
03    Filters​ What are they | How they work
04    Audience​ Sort your audience by: Location | Age | Gender | Language | and more
05    Insights Yours | Your competitors
06    Ads​ A basic overview of how Facebook ads work

…and much much more!

We can train you on the Facebook front end, analytics, Stories, Groups, Events, Facebook Live and Facebook Ads.


   Josh is a social media maven who wants to help others improve. I have benefited from Josh’s expertise firsthand, and as a result feel more confident using social media to empower more good in the community. Josh is an effective and patient teacher, responsive, thoughtful and practical.

-Renee Moe, President & CEO, United Way of Dane County

   Josh is a wizard. We just had a three hour training with him and feel like we have more than a clue how to promote our band and stay in touch with music lovers everywhere.

Sims Delaney-Potthoff, Mandolinist and Bandleader, Harmonious Wail

   Received a few hours of Facebook consulting from [Josh] today. Best money I’ve spent in a long, long time.

-Philip Crawford, Political Strategist

 My staff and I attended your training today on how to become a “Facebook Ninja” and were absolutely blown away by the presentation and quality of content. To say we took away a ton is a vast understatement! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a training more engaging and insightful, PLUS my team is beaming with motivation and excitement to hit the ground running!

Massive THANK YOU, Josh, for your wisdom and expert advice on how to use social media to grow Jenerate Wellness. You’re top-notch!

-Jen Rudis, Jenerate Wellness

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