“We are bringing back a #CWSDMC presenter who was a fan favorite last year. Many of the attendees said that they could listen to the presenter all day.
Josh Klemons, @Reverbalc will be returning for #CWDSMC and will be presenting for the full Social Media track!”

UW Stevens Point SBDC

Why should you consider Josh Klemons to be your social media speaker or digital marketing keynote presenter?

Are you looking to engage, educate and inspire your audience around social media or digital marketing?

You’ve come to the right place!

I speak and present on social media and digital marketing technology, strategy, best practices and more.

​I tailor presentations for you and your audience and will engage your crowd on the power and magic of social media and digital marketing, no matter their current level or understanding of the field.

Social media and digital marketing presentations

​Here are just some of the social media and digital marketing sessions and keynote presentations I have given in the past:

Social Media Speaker - 10 Social Media Tips & Strategies You Should Be Utilizing Today Presentation

Sometimes it feels like the only constant in digital marketing is change. But here’s the thing — if you’re chasing shiny, new objects at the expense of your brand’s core strategy, you are never going to find the success you seek.
In this session, we’ll cover 10 social media tips and strategies you should be utilizing today.
​These tips and strategies aren’t about vanity metrics, but about building and developing a solid foundation and finding ways to grow and connect with your audience on an ongoing basis, regardless of platform. We’ll cover topics like the importance of blogging, understanding your analytics, why and how to optimize and much more.

Social Media Keynote Presentation - Master Your Social Media in 20 Minutes A Day Keynote Presentation

Few organizations have the time or resources to devote to building the social media presence their brand deserves. In this session, we’ll cover ways for you to spend your limited social media time wisely.
We’ll cover the components that go into a successful program. We’ll talk about the importance of optimizing your accounts, and how to make sure you aren’t leaving any real estate on the table. We’ll talk about why you should blog, how to plan out content for the upcoming period, the importance of social listening and so much more.
​This workshop will help ensure you are reaping the greatest rewards from your social media channels – in as few as 20 minutes a day!

Social Media Speaker Groups Are The Future Of Facebook - Social Media Presentation

We live in a digital age. Livestreams have replaced programs. Networking events have been replaced with online communities. And Facebook continues to invest in Groups, their powerful — and popular — digital community spaces.
In this session, we’ll cover how to start a group, tips and tricks for growing and moderating it and explore examples of brands doing them right. Over a billion Facebook users are already active in Facebook Groups. It’s time to join them!

Social Media Speaker Instagram Stories Digital Marketing Presentation

Instagram Stories currently has over 500 million daily active users. More than half a billion people — one-and-a-half-Americas — use Instagram Stories every single day!
And Stories keep growing, both in their popularity and in their functionality.
Throughout this session we’re going to cover some fun tricks, tips and hacks your can use to take your Instagram stories to the next level.

Free Digital Tools You Should Be Using But Probably Aren't - Social Media Speaking

The digital toolkit is constantly evolving. There is no limit to the powerful paid tools out there that can help you take your digital program to the next level. But there are also loads of free tools out there that can help give your social media and digital marketing a huge lift, without pulling out the credit card. Throughout this session, we’ll cover digital tools that will help you step up your graphic design, writing, social listening and so much more!

Building Your Brand Through Blogging - Digital Marketing Speaker

Blogging can be one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s toolkit. It can help you grow your SEO, clarify you an expert in your field and serve as a bridge between your social channels and your website.
You don’t have to be a great writer to be a great blogger — you just have to understand your audience and answer questions they have (or even one’s they don’t know they have!).
Throughout this session we’ll talk the what, the how and the why of blogging, look at examples of brands doing it well and more.

You're Writing Your Emails Wrong - Social Media and Digital Marketing Speaker - Digital Marketing Keynote Presenter

Email can serve as the bedrock of a campaign for grassroots fundraising, organization and communication efforts. But so many organizations struggle to write emails that “work.”
Does your email have too many calls-to-action? Does it contain a theory of change? Will it pass the grandparents test? How about the grandkids test?!
Throughout this session we’ll cover email best practices, common mistakes to avoid and a whole lot more.

Tips For Aspiring Activists and Down-Ballot Candidates - Political Consultant / Social Media Consulting / Political Consulting / Social Media Speaker

We live in strange times. One person with a little ingenuity and a Twitter account or a YouTube channel can have greater reach than their local paper, and greater influence than even some in the national media.
But for most of us, we log-on to social media to connect with our friends and family, to see what’s happening in the world and to share our opinions. We aren’t trying to build massive audiences—we just want to learn, to socialize and to share our opinions on the story of the day.
So let’s say you want to go online and get involved in the conversation, but you aren’t sure where to start. Then these ten tips might be for you. This list could apply to professional politicos and full-time activists, but it’s intended more for people with jobs, families, social lives and a million other things going on, but who still have a passion to change their community, if not the world.

Using Social Media To Build A Movement - Social media speaker for political campaigns, non-profits and organizations

While many businesses and organizations see social media as a burden—just one more to thing to deal with—a smart digital strategy can help a brand not just tell its story to new supporters (customers, clients, donors, fans…), it can build relationships and create advocates from within its supporter base.​
At its best, social media can be utilized to build a movement by:

  • Connecting with real people
  • Leveraging supporters and partners
  • Knowing your story and remaining true to it
  • Ensuring that your team (including volunteers and supporters) are properly trained

From simple best practices to detailed strategic concepts, this presentation lays out a path to empower your supporters and strengthen your brand’s reach and engagement through social media.

Other social media and digital marketing presentations I’ve given

  • Embracing The Ephemeral – Telling Your Story With Stories
  • The Power Of Twitter: Get Involved In The World’s Biggest Conversation
  • Flexing Your Facebook Toolkit: Growing Your Brand With
  • Facebook Live, Stories And Group
  • Producing Great Content for Social Media: Telling Your Story
  • Through Created and Curated Posts
  • LinkedIn For Beginners and ​Getting More Out Of LinkedIn
  • Pulling Back The Curtain To Bring Your Story To Life
  • Social Media For Working Musicians
  • Social Media for Community Engagement
  • A 2.0 Masterclass for Content Creation
  • The Future of Social Media

​If one (or several) of these social media or digital marketing presentations sound like a good fit for you and your audience, great! ​
​If not, let’s develop something new together.​

Find upcoming social media and digital marketing speaking events here:

Past social media and digital marketing presentations and speaking partnerships

I’ve spoken about social media, email, blogging, digital ads, building and engaging audiences and so much more at conferences, events, internal meetings with teams large and small and much more.

I’ve worked with Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Development Centers, Trade Associations and more, tailoring sessions for the specific needs of their audiences.

Here are just a few of the groups and organizations I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years:

Space for new Partner
Space for new Partner
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Social Media and Digital Marketing Speaker

I have entertained, inspired and engaged crowds big and small and I’d love to do the same for you and your audience!​ ​I’ll work with you to tailor the perfect social media or digital marketing session or keynote presentation for your needs.

Scroll down to see what past participants have said about my sessions.

I also conduct social media and digital marketing trainings for teams of all sizes.

Learn how to run ads on Facebook
Get better at Facebook - social media class
Social media course on Instagram
Getting started with Twitter - course

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What people have said about my social media speaking and digital marketing keynote presentations

Greg Mischio, Director of Craft Marketing, a Division of the Madison Chapter of the American Marketing Association

“We book speakers on a monthly basis for our Craft Marketing events, and Josh was one of our best speakers to date. He blends tactics with strategies seamlessly, and he’s got a great sense of humor to ensure everyone is engaged and having a great time. Highly recommended.”

James Roloff, Sales Director, Powderkeg Web Design

Josh is an expert speaker on how to tell your brand’s story online. He was engaging with our audience, and did a great job in giving tangible, actionable advice. He has knowledge on blogging and social media that can only come after years of experience.”

Dr. Jo Ann Oravec, UW–Whitewater Information Technology and Business Education Professor

Josh Klemons is a dynamic speaker who can transform an ordinary seminar, classroom, or large-scale presentation venue. His constantly-updated insights about social media are useful for small businesses as well as large corporations. Anyone who wants to get a sense of where social media is going in the future should tap into his expertise.”

Terra L. Fletcher, Author of "Flex Your Communication" and "Flex the Freelance.

“Hey Josh! I listened to your DreamBank program. Very enjoyable! Seriously. I listen to a lot of folks who do similar work and can’t make it all the way through. Yours was engaging and had enough real content. Thank you!”

“Josh is an engaging and dynamic speaker / trainer. He presented a workshop for our annual nonprofit / social good conference— the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference. His workshop, “Using Social Media to Build a Movement” was very well received. The audience loved him. He received top scores in both presentation style and workshop structure.

Josh had to overcome a number of barriers, including people with vastly different understandings of what social media is to being scheduled for a 5pm workshop, when the day started at 7:30am in the morning for a number of the attendees. Many identified his rapid pace style and sense of humor invigorating. They found him highly knowledgeable, well-versed in his examples, and easy to relate to.

I’d highly recommend Josh for both his presentation work and his social media skills. We hope to invite him back again for the conference.”

Josh is an amazing speaker. He has presented multiple times for the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference and is one of the Top Five rated presenters. People come out of his workshop jazzed, even when he ends up at a 5pm slot for an event that started at 8am.

He’s knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic, and energetic. He gets people’s mind sparking. His workshops intermix presentation, user interaction, and worksheets. His workshops have a fast pace which people find refreshing, even if they are a tad annoyed that they couldn’t copy everything down.

…We, also, highly recommend Josh on almost any social media / community organizing topic. He’s a pleasure to work with on both the administrative and presentation side. The audience loves him, and he refreshes his content frequently.

  • Josh is just ‘Wow!’ He knows his stuff.
  • “[His presentation] was high energy, interactive, and engaging. The presenter was knowledgeable, experienced, and had a sense of humor. I’d change nothing.”
  • “Josh’s Dream Bank presentation on social media was a non-stop torrent of social media wisdom and tips that we started to use immediately to improve how we communicate on these important platforms. Dude knows his stuff and is an incredible (local) resource!”
  • “Josh’s presentation had great takeaways and broke down a difficult topic of curating and creating great social media content into digestible pieces of information.”
  • “This is the second time I’ve seen Josh present at the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference and I’ve learned so much both times.”
  • “I attended your seminar at the Madison Nonprofit Day and found that many of the things turned out to be way more applicable now that I have a new role with a nonprofit organization… It’s awesome how many times I think back to your presentation and use that to help inform my actions/decisions!”
  • I don’t impress easy. But that was amazing.
  • “So impressed! You have covered almost all social media.”
  • “I just came from your webinar and was truly blown away by your expertise and knowledge.”
  • “Josh, thank you so much for your very informative and engaging session. And so much insight and responses to questions. Good cheer to you.”
  • “Josh is an energetic speaker who keeps you engaged the whole time. Lots of nuggets that can help you immediately up your social media game!”
  • “I want to use social media more effectively to spread the word about making intentional use of our relational energy. I saw Josh do that last night at DreamBank where his playful and generous spirit came through most passionately.”
  • I am absolutely blown away by the quality of content in the seminar I just attended at Dreambank. Josh is a font of social media knowledge.”
  • “I attended Josh’s session at the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference, and I was impressed with the amount of things I learned in such a short time! He definitely knows what he is talking about, and brought up tips and ideas I would have never thought of to make our nonprofit thrive on social media.”
  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you! I thought your presentation at the NAMI conference was excellent — great energy, really useful information. I moved you to “see first” so I look forward to being in closer contact.”
  • “Thank YOU for the stellar workshop on using social media!  It was chock full of information and I learned a lot!”
  • “Engaging, informative, and fun!”​
  • “Your enthusiasm and knowledge of social media are infectious.”
  • “Can you do a presentation on your presentation?! This slideshow is *chef’s kiss*”​
  • “This was my favorite presentation of the day, it was chock full of info and the presenter was able to switch back and forth between novices and expert levels in a way that let everyone learn and take away something.”
  • Fantastic, great information for beginners and advanced marketers alike. A lot of great tips and ideas to implement.”
  • I learned so much, about blogs, Facebook Live, scheduling posts, more. It was fantastic. Make it longer.”
  • “Josh’s presentation at DreamBank was excellent! I am making some serious changes to how I use social media from here on out, and I’m very excited about it!”
  • “Josh seriously knows this stuff. There are at least a dozen things I will be doing differently after attending his seminar.”
  • Great content and the delivery was 💰! Appreciate your expertise!”
  • “The content was extremely well organized and clear even though Josh is a speed talker. 🙂 The dozens of concrete examples of what to write about were most valuable, but all the content was helpful and important.”
  • “He has the wealth of knowledge.”
  • “You rock, Josh! Love how practical and easy-to-execute your tips are 🤩” – Natalie Healy, Dreambank Manager
  • “I attended all four presentations, which were outstanding! Thanks for increasing my social media knowledge base exponentially!”
  • “​Josh is a power speaker.”
  • “Great! Good quick tips and tons of relevant info.”
  • “This workshop was the highlight of the day for me!”
  • “Very helpful! Loved! Needed more time!”
  • “Efficient and approachable. Incredibly informative.”
  • “Provided the most relevant, actionable content with real, practiced steps.”
  • “Josh was the best presenter of the day! More of this – please!”

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